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Frequently Asked Questions

A.The EDSA does not book practice fields for teams. If you wish to book time at the ESA soccer centres, call 780-413-4125 ext. 1. To book a school gym or an outdoor soccer field in the summer months, refer to the City of Edmonton.
A.To obtain a CPIC (security clearance) you will need to go to a City of Edmonton Police station if you live in Edmonton or the RCMP if you live in the surrounding areas, they will have the form that you will need to complete. There is a fee, please check with your local detachment. Anyone designated as a coach, manager or attendant must submit a copy of a current CPIC to the EDSA office prior to attending a Provincial competition.

Registration Information. For specific season 'first game' registration deadlines, please refer to the EDSA home page or contact the office.

Once the first scheduled league game of a season has been played , registration forms must be submitted into the EDSA office a minimum of 24 hours prior to the team's next game (within office hours). For example, if your team plays on Wednesday, a completed registration form for a new player must be submitted into the office by Tuesday at office closing time.


We recommend you familiarize yourself with the complete EDSA Rules and Regulations in regard to this subject as this FAQ cannot address the answer comprehensively.

Any player that is eligible and wants to still play on his or her youth team, must register with the youth team first before registering with an EDSA team. At the time of registration, a photocopy of the youth card is required with a complete registration form.  The player will then be given an EDSA # (but no card) for the purpose of registration and identification in the EDSA program..  For any EDSA games, he or she will use their youth card (EIYSA or EMSA) at games.  If a youth player receives an EDSA card, the player is deemed an "adult" and not eligible to play in the youth system on a youth team for the remainder of that season. The player would, therefore, lose his or her youth status for that respective season.

A.As per ASA rules, any player that resides in a District that is not the "City of Edmonton" has to be released from their "home" District to be eligible to play in the EDSA. This includes individuals coming from outside of Alberta and Canada. Some Districts have "blanket releases", and therefore, the individual does not need to go through the release process (eg. Sherwood Park, St. Albert, and Spruce Grove). All releases, whether provincial or international, can take up to a maximum of seven days. There are two forms that must be filled out to be released - the provisional release form and either the Provincial, United States, or International form, depending on where you are coming from. There is no cost to being released. Any individual that provides government issued ID that is from outside municipal Edmonton must be released, regardless if they played soccer in the area or not. We do our best to make this necessary process as painless as possible. The quicker we get your completed paperwork, the quicker you get released.
A.All forfeits must be submitted in writing to the office. To avoid a fine, the written notice must be received by the office at least 3 full business days prior to your game (game day does not count). For example: if you play on a Friday night, the office would need to be notified in writing by no later than close on Monday. If you forfeit less than 3 full business days but before 1 full business day prior to your game, your team will be fined $50. If you forfeit with less than 1 business days notice, your team will be fined $100. Forfeiture of a game with no prior notice will result in a $200 fine.  Please refer to the EDSA Rules and Regulations for a full explanation of the forfeit rules.

Please let either the Program Coordinator, Srdjan Gajic or the Program Assistant, Vicki Gull know that your game was not played. Srdjan or Vicki will contact you via email once the game has been rescheduled.

Srdjan can be reached at: or 780-413-0140 ext 7 

Vicki can be reached at:  or 780-413-0140 ext 1


A.A link to all the rain-out lines is posted on the home page of our website during the outdoor season.
A.You can dress up to 20 players and have up to 4 non-playing personnel on the bench per game.
A.A Classics, Masters, Legends or Vintage player can play as a trialist for more than one Womens or Mens team. They must be fully registered to an over 30 ,35 or 45 (for Legends and Vintage) team for the current season. Teams must indicate on the game sheet that the player is a Classics, Masters, Legends or Vintage trialist.  Masters and Classics players cannot play as trialists for any other Masters and Classics team (respectively) unless the teams are affiliated. Legends players can play as trialists for any Masters team and Vintage players can play as a trialist for any Classics team.  They cannot play as trialists for another Legends or Vintage team unless the teams are affiliated. Please see the EDSA Rules and Regulations for a complete explanation of the rules.

Any trialist can play the entire regular season for your team, but trialists are not eligible for any EDSA post-season play.  Only fully registered players to your EDSA team are eligible to participate in any Playdown, Promotion/Challenge or Provincial games.  Please see the EDSA Rules and Regulations for a comprehensive explanation of trialist rules. These FAQs should not be considered singularly without being supplemented by the full version of the current rules.

A.A trialist is any eligible youth player (16+) that is properly registered in a youth program but is not registered in any adult program, or any senior player (35+) that is properly registered in the EDSA senior program (Masters/Classics/Legends). A trialist may also be a player registered with an affiliated EDSA team in a lower division (affiliation form and fee must be submitted to the office by the appropriate time). Mens and Womens teams can have a maximum of three trialists per indoor game and a maximum of five trialists per outdoor game. Youth trialists are required to bring their youth card and youth trialist form completely filled out to each EDSA game. Youth trialist forms will be submitted to the office with the game sheets. All trialists should be clearly indicated on the game sheet. Please refer to the EDSA Rules and Regulations for a comprehensive explanation of trialist rules.
Transferring players must fill out an EDSA Transfer Form and submit it to the office. The form must be completely filled out. This includes signatures from the present coach, the new coach as well as the player's signature). In addition, there is a transfer fee of $52.50 that must be paid in office. The player will be transferred onto the new team and eligible to play immediately once the above is completed.

A player removed from a team's roster without transfer to another team CANNOT return to that team's roster for the remainder of that season. Players can only transfer once within 30 days and cannot transfer after the seasonal transfer deadline. The transfer deadlines are as posted in the EDSA Rules and Regulations.

A.Your player may still be listed as "pending" online for several reasons: 1) his or her registration may be missing information (eg. coach or player signature); 2) the registration form was not submitted to the office; 3) the registration form may have been submitted late (ie. less than 24 hours before the team's next game or after the initial registration deadline but before the team's first game); or 4) he or she may not have sent in a copy of their youth player card, if necessary; or 5) he or she may be going through the release process.

The EDSA office is open Monday and Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m and Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 8:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

We have only one location at 17415 - 106A Avenue (West Indoor Soccer Centre). Please check the website for holiday hours and notification of special closures.


Player cards must be requested in person by appointment at the EDSA main office (17415 - 106A Avenue, West Indoor Soccer Centre).  The first time a player receives an EDSA member identification, a photo will be taken and then the player card will be created.  Please bring in some form of government-issued ID that has both your picture and birth date (eg. Driver's License). It only takes a couple minutes to process and print a new card. Re-prints player cards cost $10 each.

A.The coach/manager is required to enter their entire roster during the main player registration and a single player online during the season. The player(s) will appear as "pending" on the online roster. Once we receive the completed  paperwork in the office, the player(s) will be "activated" and therefore considered registered.
A.The EDSA will post the schedules a minimum of 48 hours prior to the first game for the season in question. When we start scheduling, the schedules are always live on our website and not considered final. Teams will be notified via email when the schedules are finalized.

Photos for player cards can be taken anytime the EDSA office is open at 17415 106A Ave.  Please remember to bring government issued photo ID. 

Monday & Friday the office is open from 8:30 a.m -4:30 p.m and Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday the office is open from 8:30 a.m - 6:00 p.m.

A.To view a correctly completed game sheet click here.

Your login ID is your EDSA player card number. Each EDSA member must be assigned a password by the EDSA office. Please contact the EDSA office for a password.  


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